Zo ataraxie
Zo Ataraxie is a Berlin and Dakar based renown Afropop and Hip Hop Artist. He started out with the same named Hip Hop Group ATARAXIE. Since 2011 he aspires a solo career not solemly concentrating on Hip Hop but also Afropop and different styles. The combining and consistend element is his multi-laguage use of native languages such as wolof and mandinka, while opening his music to a broader audience through english and french. Since 1992 he works as a musician, author and artist. 1994 he was the co-founder of the group JMP, Jappo Mbollo Possee, who regrouped to the band ATARAXIE in 1997.
His work is inspired by his neighbourhood of Guediawaye in Dakar but dealing with much broader concepts such as the post-colonial state and body – his music is transboundary, transnational. Simoultaneously his music never looses its light hearted soul. Ataraxie ist the peace of the soul and Zo Ataraxie lives right up to it trough his music.
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